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Machinery & Related Supplies

Local Sources Phoenix Metro

Brown's Torch & Regulator Repair        2504 W McDowell Rd Phx              (602) 278-6556
Moore Tool & Equipment         3102 W Thomas Rd.              602-455-8904 
Equipment Exchange, Electronic Mfg. Surplus           515 E Grant St. Phx.....              602-256-7732
Phoenix Small Tool Repair           835 W. 22nd. Street #109, Tempe, AZ 95282, Phone        602-256-7011  
HMS Fasteners Tucson   550 E. 19th Street, Tucson, AZ 85701    (520) 623-8631     NEW 7/5/2017
Located Elsewhere or on the Internet
MicroMark Hobby sized supplies & tools
J&L Industrial Tool & machinery supplier
Federal File Corp.
BayCom Tooling, Videos, Equipment
Grobet Precision Tools
HGR Industrial Surplus
Bolton Tool - excellent source of collets and priced very nicely!     9/20/15
Enco The "candy Store"  Not any more.....
Lathe Master, supplier of lathe tooling including Indexable Insert boring bars
Metal Arts Press  Books on the subject   
Electro-Mechanical Design Data Website  
Engineering Data / Calculation Website    NEW 1/4/2015

Machinery Moving

 Ralph "The Mill Mover" Clifford   has retired and sold his machinery moving" business and equipment to John Bohls (below).  We will miss Ralph greatly!! 

Jon Bohls   of Advanced Precision.   (602) 525-0156  Based on feedback from the group you are advised to get a specific estimate and do not rely on the hourly rate quotes.  The rates are quite variable depending on how many phone calls he takes while you are paying him to move your equipment.  At this point we will not recommend  his services.  See the forum for further details.

Troy Vickery   of TLC Hauling and Rigging        (602) 697-8753  A recent addition to the machine moving list here.  He has been recommended by a few members.      Retired

Adam Campbell   of Campbell & Sons Machine Rigging and Transport.   (602) 757-2227 Bill Savage has moved to Australia, but his step brother Adam is now running the business.  Reasonable pricing, hard worker.  Has been used by club members with excellent results.  $75/hr with a 2 hr minimum. 

Scrap Metal Pickup      Due to the low scrap metal prices and the lower number of scouts helping him out, Paul has pretty much shut down the operation.  This Boy Scout Troop collects metal to raise funds for their scouting activities.  This is a very worthy group and an excellent way to get rid of scrap metals.  They a non-profit 501(c)3 and can give a tax receipt for your donation.  Please call Paul  at (480) 206-7477 to arrange a pick up.   He's an early riser, so do not call after 8pm or so in the evening.  Beevo can act as the repository for the scrap if it is convenient. 

Bill Savage  See entry for Adam Campbell above. 

Machining/Machinery Repair/Parts/Etc.

Performance Grinding  1695 W. Drake, Tempe, AZ 85283  (480) 967-5354  Owner's name is  Joe.   Precision grinding, regrinds of tooling, tool sharpening.  Pretty cool guy and very good workmanship.  Get a firm quote when dropping stuff off.  M-Th  6am to 4:30pm

Majer Precision Engineering  110 W. Orion St. Suite 133, Tempe, AZ 85283  (480) 777-8222   Mike Majer - owner

Jemelco  1155 W 23rd St, Tempe, AZ 85282   (480) 804-9541  Machining all sorts.  These are the people that did the hand scraping demo a while back.  M-Th 6am to 4pm, Friday 7am to 1pm


Building supplies & Parts

Name in Blue indicates a local business
Links are underlined

Stock Drive Parts  small drive parts, bearings , shafts, tools  and hardware. Mostly aimed at mechanical drive mechanisms. WM Berg Inc. all kinds of hardware, drive parts & supplies, very good source for gears, pulleys and belt drives. C&H Surplus Misc. surplus "stuff", good source for servos, motors and electro-mechanicals  Reopened under new owner ship and location, 805 Highland Ave., Duarte, CA 91010  626-256-7907
Miniature Precision Components Gears, Bearings, Shafting, Dowel Pins, Pulleys etc
Caswell Plating Supplies name says it all, one stop shopping for your plating needs. Surplus Center More "stuff" Surplus Shed yet more "stuff" American Science & Surplus "stuff"2
McMaster Carr hardware & supplies candy store.  The mother of all hardware suppliers, no minimums.  If they don't have it you likely don't need it!! Davis Salvage, 3337 East Washington St - (602) 267-7208 Aluminum galore as well as stainless and misc. equipment parts.  good source for wrought iron gate & railing parts.  Check on both sides of the  street. Prices vary depending on how you pay and the mood of the clerk. Small Parts Inc.  about every small piece of hardware, very good source for tiny hardware.  
McFadden - Dale Industrial Hardware 4647 S 32nd Street, Phoenix, Az. 602-304-9141. Open Saturday from 8:00 AM to noon, reports of them being kinda pricey but have a very good selection.  Ignore the Wholesale Only sign   REGAL PLASTICS
3210 Roeser RD. STE 5
Phoenix AZ 85040
Full sheets only, mildly friendly & helpful
Marks Bolts, Nuts & Surplus  6710 w Belmont Ave, Glendale, AZ 85303   623-939-9312  American Metals  740 W Broadway Rd, Mesa 480-834-1923 new & used metals, cut to size at a charge.  Mostly structural steels and tubing.  Gate hardware and non-ferrous also.
Little Machine Shop  Small machine tools, parts and supplies.  Pasadena, CA Internet and mail order. Interstate Steel  
925 W Hatcher Rd Phoenix, AZ 85021 (800)
643 6204
American Contractor Supply   1156 West Southern, Suite 102, Tempe, AZ    Saftey Equipment, Abrasive and Sawzall Blades.  Valley Metal Member  - Shad Niam is a sales rep Arizona Equipment and Supply Gilbert AZ    (480) 813-6153
Call for address, none on website.
DPS Plastics
1201 North 54th Ave Suite 120
Phoenix, AZ 85043  (602) 272-4373
Laird Plastics
301 East Watkins Road
Phoenix, AZ 85003  (602) 252-170
257 E Alamo DR.
Chandler 926-8100
$110 minimum?  Full sheets only.
4449 South 38th Place
Phoenix, AZ 85040 (602) 437-4555
1/2 sheets, no cutoffs  friendly & helpful
Canyon State Plastics
3115 N 33rd Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85017-4805

Any size or qty, no problem, offers cut-offs. Very
friendly and very helpful.
Century Plastics Inc
1522 East Victory Street Suite 2
Phoenix, AZ 85040
(602) 268-2003
Port Plastics
3191 N. Washington Street, Suite 7
Chandler, Arizona 85225  480-813-6118

Extremely friendly & helpful, any size, quantity and offers cutoffs. $15 minimum  Highly Recommended!

Plastic Engineering
7307 S. Harl Drive
Tempe, AZ., 85283
phone is: 480.491.8450


Local Supporters of Valley Metal

  Club Sponsor!
Discount Available!!

5150 S. 48th Street Phoenix, AZ 85040

HOURS: M - F: 7AM - 5PM  Saturday: 8AM - 1PM

 Club Sponsor!

Discount Available!!


Information / Tips / Forums

Steel Welding 101  This is an interesting read including some history! Link courtesy of  Glenn who participates at the Hawthorne Community Center in Rutland VT.  Thanks Glenn!     NEW 11/11/2019

Metal Shaping Hints.  
Frank Hoose's Mini-Lathe pages  If it is a small machine, there is information here. 
Frank Ford's Frets Dot Com   Great internet pages on workshop practice, hundreds of shop tips and info about musical instruments. 
Batteries In A Portable World  page - good information on the care and feeding of batteries, this inexpensive book is priceless!!      
MAHA Battery Charger/Conditioner - excellent device for maintaining AA and AAA cells.     
Interesting Machine Shop Links - title says it all 
Interesting Machining links
Foundry 101  excellent link on the art of metal casting 
Online video about tooling
Machine Shop Trade Secrets Book a looking book on the machine shop craft, for both beginners and seasoned metal chip makers.
How To Make Springs   a neat site about spring making.  
Threading info (International)   
Super Machine Shop Tips Site  Name says it all 
Mini Machine Tools site.
Projects in Metal Page - Hints tips and projects    NEW 9/20/2014
Metal Shaper Site Forums, Tips etc
Chaski Metal Site Forums, buy & sell
Carbide Nomenclature 
Lindsey Publications Technical books new & old
DATAMP project co odword information about the history of t
Old Woodworking Machines
Tap Drill Charts
Glacern Crash Course in Milling       One       Two       Three      Four       Five       Six      Seven      Eight           
Miscellaneous Neat links
Bolt Science!     
V Belt Measuring Guide 
The Calculator Page!   
All About grease and Stainless Steel hardware 

More Pipe Information than you could ever need  

Just for fun!

A true Craftsman!  Miniature model of the Napier Deltic 18 cylinder opposed piston engine.  It was used primarily in US Navy fast patrol boats and minesweepers.  I have engineering drawings and photographs of the "real thing" for those interested.
Very Small Turbine Engines
Cool Slow Motion (High Speed Camera) videos  Machine shop tools at the bottom of the page. 
TurboJet Powered Model Aircraft
Finely Crafted Model Engines 
Small Engines, Turbines etc.    This guy has just WAY TO MUCH time on his hands!!
Hand Crafted Metal model airplanes   You might need tweezers to move the controls but they all work, it should come as no surprise to find out he was a dentist!!
Mechanical Computer  Charles Babbage is now vindicated!!  Watch the video
Bob Kramer's Incredible Knives    
Hobby Projects, neat things to do for all ages, thanks to Josh in DE 
Micro Machine Shop - SOmebody has too much time on their hands...   NEW 2/20/2012

Special Interest Supplies and Information

Jerry Howell - Small engine plans & kits
Ageless Engines - Model radial (you know, ROUND) engine plans and information  Old lathe information 
Surplus Shed  Optics, lenses and "science stuff"  
PM Research - Sterling and Steam engine kits, supplies and information
Cole's Power Models - parts, supplies and information for model engine building

Page Updated  11/11/2019

Please feel free to add to the list, just email me the link and information and I will post it here.